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Q U E E N   I N   T H E   N O R T H

Q U E E N   I N   T H E   N O R T H

Who shall sing me
into the death-sleep sling me… 
When I walk on the Path of Death
and the tracks I tread are cold, so cold…

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How much do you trust me?



sophie okonedo as melisandre

zoe saldana as catelyn stark

chloe bennett as margaery tyrell

angela bassett as cersei lannister

lucy liu as lysa arryn

odeya rush as sansa stark

willow smith as arya stark

dascha polanco as daenerys targaryen

laverne cox as selyse baratheon

amandla stenberg as myrcella baratheon

Kendappa-o | RG VEDA

Kendappa-o | RG VEDA

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when snape realizes he’s dying he doesn’t care, in fact he’s happy because he knows in just a moment he’ll see lily again

but to his great dismay he’s greeted instead by none other than james potter

who promptly envelopes him in an awkward but genuine hug and says with a hoarse voice, “thank you for taking care of my son”

#and then lily shouts from off in the distance   #’BUT YOU DIDNT HAVE TO TREAT HIM LIKE SHIT YOU PIECE OF TRASH’

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“So then. I shall become a nun. For I shall never love a husband as I love you, Cesare.”


Game of Thrones + name meanings [1 of ??]


Gaming Room

By Goshi | [Full Gallery]

Ayanami - Kapitel 98
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The unfulfilled  promise burns into my heart
and splits the deep red.